Log Lines for Monologue Plays

THE AUDITION (1 W) An actress shows up for a mysterious audition.

ETHYL MAE POTTER, WE NEVER FORGOT HER (1 W) Ethyl Mertz tells her side of the I Love Lucy saga and how she got revenge on Fred, Ricky and that redheaded bitch.

I’D LIKE TO KISS YA, BUT I JUST WASHED MY HAIR. (1W, sort of. It will probably be more effective if done by a man; comedy monologue play). The central character finds herself entangled in a series of bizarre adventures after “he fell on mother”. She is joined by such famous movies characters as Addison DeWitt, Waldo Lydecker and Marie Browning, and must battle such fiends as Harry Lime and Wilmer. Guest appearances by such luminaries as Margo Channing and Longfellow Deeds. Could make an interesting double feature with Film Noir.

SNAKES AND LADDERS (1 Character plus 1 other who has only one line—either can be played by a male or female) A great artist reveals the nightmarish secret of her success to a critic she has kidnapped.

So tell me what you think.

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