Log Lines for Screenplays/Teleplays

Forest of the Night: A Sexual Odyssey:  When Uli’s best friend dies, he goes on an orgy of sex, drugs and violent behavior in order to rid himself of his anger and despair in a drama reminiscent of Charles Bukowski, Henry Miller and the films of Gregg Araki.


The Last Tree Standing Motel: after two hired killers murder someone at a remote motel, they receive a call from their boss telling them they can’t leave the motel until he gives them permission; so they find their lives intermingling with the regulars while they wait and they wait and they…wait.  It’s basically Waiting for Godot meets In Bruges.


Mel and the Adventures of Sad Man:  a comic book artist who finds he can’t maintain a relationship because of his depressive personality creates a comic book about a superhero, Sad Man, who defeats bad guys by filling them with existential anguish and despair, a power Sad Man can’t turn off in his alter ego guise of Slap Happy, preventing him from winning the heart of the woman he loves.


Revelation:  Megan Johnson is an ordinary woman forced to be witness to extraordinary times.  People are disappearing for no reason in her town of Revelation, Illinois.  When it is revealed to be an international phenomenon, the question becomes:  is it a plague, is it supernatural, or is this just the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper.  If M. Night Shyamalan had done the Left Behind series.


Rough Trade:  On his way to audition for a porno film in L.A., a hustler spends the night with a john only to wake up the next morning to find he has switched identities with his one night stand and that two thugs are after the john and plan to kill him. A gay North by Northwest.


Welcome to LA:  In this black comedy, a screenwriter’s first few days in Los Angeles are greeted by a continual discovery of dead bodies in his building; an amorous police officer who wants to have sex with him then wants him to read his screenplay; and a mentor whose main advice is not to masturbate more than once a day.  Will things get worse or better?  A dark comedy in the vein of The Loved One and Swimming with the Sharks.


In addition, I have co-written two screenplays and a pilot:


Dog Eat Dog (co-writer):  In this updated version of Moby Dick in which the great white whale is a gigantic albino werewolf, a one armed hunter takes a group of financial investors/ponzi scheme artists on a character building weekend of hunting; in reality he is using them as bait to kill the werewolf that killed his family.


Shooting Starz (co-writer): Two successful Hollywood actors, who always made a promise never to compete against each other in the Biz, suddenly find themselves fighting for the control of a mega Hollywood movie remake and the championship of a celebrity teenage girls’ basketball recreation league. With the female Hollywood studio head throwing both of them for a hoop…uh, loop.


Rita’s World (co-writer): Hour TV comedy. When the owner of a long-time kids talent agency finds herself at a cross roads, her life finds an “unusual” way of showing her the path to take.

So tell me what you think.

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