So I’m still kind of rambling here because I’m still trying to figure out what to do with this blog thing. I’d ask for suggestions, but since I know no one’s reading it, that probably won’t help. I would really like to post stories and news about screenwriters, but I don’t run across them very much, which is either my fault or a sign that the auteur theory has really won the day in film criticism (or both).
Last night, I finished watching a profile on Woody Allen on TMC On Demand. It was absolutely fascinating and way too short. He had a habit of never looking at the camera and always looking down or to the side which probably suggests he probably is being honest when he says that he doesn’t think he’s nearly as talented as people say he is and that his career is probably a combination of luck and conning enough people. He comes across as more down to earth here, like someone you could actually talk to. The most surprising commentary is on Stardust Memories, which he loves (and I like very much), where he says he just doesn’t understand why people think the central character was him (though he does blame himself for that). He also says that everything is suppose to be a fantasy after a certain point, but I’m not sure this is clearly communicated in the movie. But it’s a fascinating profile and I would highly recommend it.
In following up on the Academy Award decision to have ten nominations, I ran across this site that suggests what might have happened if this had started ten years ago. The selections are quite clever and insightful:
And there’s controversy over who’s not getting credit for The Hangover script (which I still haven’t reviewed on my site):
That’s enough ranting today, I got to get back to work.

So tell me what you think.

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