AND THEIR ENTERING THE HOME STRETCH: Invictus gets Blind Sided as the Oscar noms are announced

The Oscar nominations were announced today and I didn’t do too badly on my predictions. I missed one best picture, choosing Invictus over The Blind Side (which, I have to say, really surprised me). I got all the directors right.

I got all the Best Actor and Actresses right. I missed one Best Supporting Actor, choosing Alfred Molina over Stanley Tucci (not a surprise, but a disappointment for me). For Best Supporting Actress I got two wrong. I got the right picture, but wrong choice for Nine. I chose Marion Cottilard over Penelope Cruz, but I was stupid to have chosen Cottilard in the first place. The real surprise here is Maggie Gyllenhaal over Julianne Moore (a real disappointment).

As for animation, who would have chosen The Secret of the Kells even if they didn’t chose Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, but I got the others right.

I did better than usual on the screenplays. This is usually my weakest guess. I got everything right, except I missed one in Best Original Screenplay. (500) Days of Summer lost out to Up, which for me is a real disappointment.

My biggest error though was in best foreign language film. Though I didn’t predict foreign language noms, I thought the Netherland film Winter in Wartime was going to win. It wasn’t even nominated.

So far my biggest shock is The Beaches of Agnes not getting a documentary nod.

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