One of those films that does nothing, but does it rather well, like Fargo and The Ice Harvest (though it falls a bit short of both of those). It’s all about insurance fraud and a valuable violin (hey, why not). And snow. Lots and lots of snow. The acting is first rate with Alan Arkin having the best time trying to speak with some sort of vague Germanic accent while Billy Crudup really lets go having anger management issues. The unsympathetic hero, a sad sack compulsive liar who sells insurance (I know, a bit redundant), is played by Greg Kinnear and I always enjoy him in these small, independent type films. You can’t say he’s a great actor, but he at least tries to make interesting movies, and he’s just so damn likeable, even when he’s playing assholes. The finale where everything gets explained falls flat, but the movie does answer the burning question on everybody’s mind—whatever happened to Lea Thompson. Written by the excellent sister team of Jill (who also directed) and Karen Sprecher who also did Clockwatchers and Thirteen Conversations About One Thing.

So tell me what you think.

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