I went to a seminar last night at the American Cinematheque called Director’s Intent: Interpreting the Scene in which the lecturer, Thomas Ethan Harris, continues his attempt to try to get filmmakers to be original, to be ambitious, to try to stand out and do something different, to develop a vision.  This is my third seminar by Harris and I think they are all brilliant and people should be going to them.  The one last night was great, though there were a couple of moments that bothered me.  He seemed to have a habit of attributing every good thing about a movie to the director, even if it might have been (or even had to have been) in the screenplay (he would say, so and so did this and so and so did this and I was going, no I think the writer might have done that).  In addition, toward the end, he seemed to say to the roomful of directors “when you write your films”, which really disturbed me since most directors are bland to mediocre writers and most writers are bland to mediocre directors.  But I still high recommend these seminars.   If you want to get more info contact

So tell me what you think.

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