My charge for script consultation is:

$125.00 – five to six pages of notes and a one hour one on one consultation

$50.00 – five to six pages of notes

$20.00 – first twenty pages

My latest testimonials –

The first review is for my $20.00 for 20 pages

Thank you so much for this thoughtful feedback! You have confirmed some other notes that I received about Luana and how to get this story launched, so this will be a huge help with my rewrite.

I really appreciate your time on it! I doubled your fee on Zelle.

Allison Kiessling – Somewhat Bionic

Hey Howard, thank you, so so much! Your notes as always are filled with great ideas and questions. It really helps to see the script through your eyes. Thank you also for taking the time to think through it.

I’m very lucky to have been able to work with you, ever since my first film, Checkers 🙂 (How to Win at Checkers (Every Time))

Josh Kim – Untitled Bayou Project

Howard – You’re the real deal! I certainly will be coming back to you because this coverage was extremely thorough and honest.

I’ll step away from this for a bit and take a deep dive into your notes.

Enjoy your trip and again thank you for the priceless notes!

Greg Wragg – The Obsolete(s)

Other testimonials:

This is for my 20 pages for $20.00 level:

When you think you’ve written a good script with a good story, who do you turn to get it reviewed? Friends, Family? Most of the time they respond with “This is great!” or “Excellent Story”. Unless your friends understand screenwriting most of these accolades are pretty meaningless, in part because they are not honest reviews. I had been looking for someone to give me honest feedback. I was talking to a friend and she recommended Howard as the best person at any price. I reached out to Howard and in two days I received the best, accurate, and honest review of my short screenplay that I could have ever hoped for. If you are looking for someone to pat you on the back, I would stick with family and friends. If you are looking for an accurate, meaningful, and honest review I recommend Howard Casner.

Thomas Tierney, Avalon Falling

[A] very big thank you for blowing my mind with your notes on Beyond Our Skies. I am flabbergasted by your ideas and I will definitely take every one of them into consideration. For the longest time I just felt so stuck with the story and knew something was missing. You really helped point out every potential avenue I could take in resolving the issues. Thank you so much for your help! Can’t wait to send you the next script (I just have to write it first).

Bryan Mora, Beyond Our Skies

I have received a new review of my coverage services. It’s very lengthy, so I’ll share a couple of excerpts first:

“Howard was insightful and like a film encyclopedia”, “Someone bringing solutions not more confusion to the table”, “Howard’s a nice guy who knows a ton about movies and helps you come up with solutions and his prices are very reasonable.” There’s more below.

Howard was insightful and like a film encyclopedia.

Let me give you a couple examples.  I gave a subtle film reference to a 1961 French Film, Lola but never said the film’s name.  When I met with Howard, he said the film by name and then went into details about the Director, Jacques Demy’s and his other great film Umbrellas of Cherbourg.  I was to say the least impressed, this dude knows his stuff.

Also you know how when in college you asked a professor a difficult question and they reply… that’s an excellent question, you should think more about it and yet they never answer the question.  Annoying “AF” right?  I have worked with some other film consultants and they’ll say, well you need to change this or that scene or here’s your screenplay’s problem.  They say okay, now go think about that.  They don’t help you come up with ideas.  It’s annoying “AF” right and you leave more confused and further away from your goal of making a sellable screenplay than before.  This is NOT a good way to walk away from a screenplay consultation.

Well the very first minute my awesome film partner (Cindy 🙂 and I met with Howard… he went right into ideas about how to fix certain holes in the story.  He literally said, ok, I’ve been thinking about your opening and here’s an idea I have.

I was like Hallelujah!!!!!!!!  Someone bringing solutions not more confusion to the table.  Thank YOU!!!

Howard’s a nice guy who knows a ton about movies and helps you come up with solutions and his prices are very reasonable.  He rolls up his sleeves with you and gets down into the dirty little details of how to make your story the best it can be.  Not grand cinematic overtures but the details, big and small and that is incredibly helpful.  He’s also generous and giving with his time which is huge.  Not like one consultant who literally like 61 minutes into a 60 minute consult was hitting me up for more money.

Though he didn’t give my screenplay… the coveted Highly Recommend (yet, after rewrites…fingers crossed)… but I do Highly Recommend Howard.  Howard really helped me and offered solutions to get me on the right track.  Walking out of his consultation I felt focused and inspired.  And that my friends is how it should be.  Thanks Howard!!

Eric Weiss, The Friend Zone

More testimonials:

Thanks so much Howard – you make great points, and it’s very helpful!  Will start doing a rewrite with these things in mind…I think your prices are amazing for your time and quality, so I will definitely refer people to you and also plan to be in touch more in the future as well!

Michelle Ehlen – Maybe, Someday

$20.00 for 20 pages service:

“Finally, I’ve found quality feedback! The notes I received on the first 20 pages of my screenplay were eye opening.  It can be difficult to see what’s missing or unclear when you’re close to a project but Howard’s notes were objective, thorough, and detailed in a way that helped me to recognize the mistakes I was making before I got too far along. He even gave great suggestions on how to improve my weak areas. I highly recommend his services and will be back for full coverage when I finish my script.”

Theresa Drew – Gideon

For my regular $50.00/5-6 pg. coverage

“I am grateful for finding Howard to do coverage for me.  He hones in on what works, what doesn’t and makes a ton of suggestions for improvement.  He gives an honest assessment as to how marketable your screenplay might be.  Since I’m writing a comedy he has also thrown a number of jokes my way. I’m still digesting his second round of comments.”

Martin Bard, Flies on the Wall enterprises, LLC

And many more below:

8in15 poster.jpgstuff7poster.jpg

My short film 8 Conversations in 15 Minutes 58 Seconds will premiere at STUFF, the South Texas Underground Film Festival on January 27th, 2019


My charge for script consultation is:

$125.00 – five to six pages of notes and a one hour one on one consultation

$50.00 – five to six pages of notes

$20.00 – first twenty pages

Turn around time is one week or less.

Revising, script doctoring and ghost writing beginning at $1000, depending on credit and the difficulty of the revising/doctoring.

Consultation on a regular basis: $50.00 an hour with a six hour minimum.

Check out the second edition of my e-book published on Amazon: More Rantings and Ravings of a Screenplay Reader. Only $2.99.


When providing coverage or script consultation, I am a firm believer in not providing feedback based on a set of rules one gets from a popular book on screenwriting. All coverage should be based on the idea of trying to make a script work on its own terms. I don’t care if a character is active, passive, or reactive, but only if the story works. I don’t care if there is a three act structure and the first act ends on page 30, but only if the story works. I don’t care if the central character has a character arc, but only if the story works. I am a great advocate of writers trying to break the rules and find new ways of communicating their visions.

I began doing script consultation in 2003 for the Slamdance Screenplay Competition. That year and for the next three years I discovered the first place winner. I quickly became one of their top readers. In addition, I have read for the Slamdance Teleplay Competition (where I discovered the first place winner the first year) and the Horror Screenplay Competition. Also through Slamdance, I originated and co-produced the Slamdance on Stage reading series in which the winners of the competitions were provided staged readings of their scripts at different legitimate theaters around town.

At the present time, I provide coverage and am a reader for the Big Break Final Draft Screenplay Competition and the various ISA (International Screenwriting Association). I have also read for Here! Networks/Regent Entertainment, Creative World Awards, the African Film Commission Screenplay Competition and been a judge for the Great Gay Screenplay Contest.

I have also ran two different writing groups in Los Angeles.

My testimonials:

Michelle Atkins, who won the Nicholls this year for her screenplay Talking About the Sky, gave me a great shout out as a script consultant in her interview with Scott Myers for Go Into the Story. Among other things she said, “What Stephen King calls your ideal reader…”. Check out the interview at Thanks, Michelle.

In addition, a screenplay I did coverage for is a Nicholls Finalist. Talking About the Sky, by Michelle Atkins. Congratulations, Michelle, well deserved.

I am also thrilled to announce that Thailand chose as its entry in the 2015 Oscar foreign language film category, Josh Kim’s How to Win at Checker’s (Every Time).  I am proud to say that I did script consultation on this film and received special thanks in the credit.

Getting coverage from Howard allowed me as writer to step back and look at the screenplay from a wider perspective. Not only did Howard highlight problem areas, but he brainstormed ideas to help solve them. He is definitely a source I plan to come back to with future projects.

Josh Kim, How to Win at Checkers Every Time

As someone who’s written coverage, and also a winner of both Page and Fresh Voices competition, one might question my need for additional coverage of my material. The reality is that we all need it and Howard Casner is above average in his ability to evaluate material and spot deficiencies that might elude even the most experienced writers. Though I have professional representation, it is tough to find unbiased and intelligent coverage before going to market. The old joke about “My mother says my script is great!” certainly applies here. You need independent honest perspectives to grow as a writer. Mr. Casner’s coverage is about as good as I’ve seen. While no single reader’s coverage and thoughts should shape your material, his voice is worthy of a careful listen. *Highly recommended for new writers and seasoned veterans.*.

R.E. Brody – The Burning Sea

This is the third time I’ve sent something to you, and you have been incredibly spot on every time. Thank you so much. I’m revising another script at the moment and working on new one too. You can bet that I’ll be in contact with you regarding notes/feedback.

Kathy Reaume – Driver’s Training

Howard’s feedback showed a complete understanding of the world, I created. It was very helpful to me in fleshing out a stronger journey for my main character, and their relationships with other characters. His comprehensive proofreading notes are superb, and I highly recommend his services to screenwriters of all levels.

Linda Andersson, Residual Evidence

Have Howard look at your script before you send it anywhere! I was so close to my project and felt like it was more polished than it had been several drafts ago. But Howard was able to identify some key structural and plot issues that really make a difference. He’s objective, insightful, and turns it around fast. He’s a real professional, and his feedback is invaluable if you want a script that works.

Renee Lukas, The Grim Reaper

I highly recommend Howard Casner. He has the distinct ability to hone in on particular problems areas of a script. I’ve sent him two scripts now for review. Each time he was able

to pick up on the problem areas that I needed to revise. His advice was spot on. For both scripts that he’s reviewed for me, I knew something wasn’t quite right, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Howard was able to analyze what I wrote and let me know my strengths and weaknesses. I’m looking forward to working with him on some of the writing projects that I’m currently in various stages of writing. If you want a second eye to pick on possible problem areas or to just let you know if your idea/premise is interesting, please consider using Howard. He definitely has the right touch.

Kathleen Resume, The Pirate

I took a few days to let your script coverage sink in. I feel like I have this great moment of clarity. In a lot of ways, I feel like I grew as a writer reading through your observations and notes. From act structure to narrative through line, you helped me hone in on what I’m trying to say with this story and I’m hopeful I can elevate this premise to a new level and that is because of you. Your recommendations are also a life saver! No way would I have been able to see the potential plot twists you created, and that alone was worth the price. You gave me hope in this story and I am so rejuvenated and ready to tackle this again!

Bryan Mora, Dead Man’s Party

Thank you so much. Great coverage and great tips on how to make my story resonate more!

Jake Iorio, Being Man

I have read all the…reviews and I ditto the sentiment. I was actually a little skeptical given I had several reviews in the past with not so good results. Howard is tough, honest and clear with his review. He knows what the heck he’s talking about [re] story. I truly appreciate him and FINALLY finding someone who talks the proper language. I will run all my scripts through him in the future. I have to be honest, you are the first person who actually knows what the heck he’s talking about [re] story. I paid hundreds to others. I truly appreciate you and FINALLY finding someone who talks the proper language. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Brenda Jellits, Wisp

I wouldn’t dare produce a screenplay without first having Howard provide coverage. He has the most uncanny ability to not only point to the issues and questions that plague my subconscious while reading or writing a script, he goes so far as to provide creative and compelling solutions for each problem. He is a most potent secret weapon. Worth every penny.

Alan Ritchson (Ludusary, The Pact, The Twelve)

Actor (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; The Hunger Games: Catching Fire; Blue Mountain State; Smallville

I wanted to reach out as it has been a couple of months since you did my coverage on my TV pilot, Joe Hollywood, based on Joseph Kennedy’s time in Hollywood.  I wanted to touch base and give you an update, after receiving your very though coverage and recommendations, I went back and made some important changes in the script. A few weeks ago, a lit manager reached out to me as he liked my pitch and requested my script. He really liked my pilot and asked for more scripts…that narrative throughline totally changed my script, brilliant man!

Jane Henning (Joe Hollywood)


TESTIMONIAL For my $20.00 for 20 pages

[T}hank you howard! these are super great notes as always and has give me more ideas.  [O]nce i get the full script done i’ll definitely send it over when you are free. [I]’ll keep you updated. and thank you again

Josh Kim, The Folding City

$20 is a steal for this type of coverage. Howard, you are truly THE BEST. I would NEVER even consider submitting anything you hadn’t given me feedback on… and I would NEVER consider using anyone else for coverage… EVER! Even my screenplay being shopped right now — something as seemingly minor as a synopsis. Thank you for looking it over for me.

Michael Davidson, Chasing Monarchs

Great feedback on the first twenty pages. He anticipated all the problems of the script without reading the whole thing.

Mark V. Bedard, The Haunting of Harrington House

Howard’s insights on the first 20 pages of my screenplay were very insightful and pinpointed exactly what areas I needed to work on. His words of encouragement also showed me I was on the right track.

Jordan Brandes, Into the Fire

I have gone through your notes, and I must say, they are priceless. I’ve wasted lots of time and money on some consultants that sound established, but cannot measure up with you.

Chidi Ezeibieli – Phate

Howard’s coverage brought knowledge and perspective to my romantic comedy screenplay. His suggestions made sense for structure and for plot. Learned a lot about the process — a worthwhile investment for any screenwriter.

Vincent Paterno – Stand Tall

Yes, I just took the 20 for 20 Casner Challenge. Very pleased with the results. Howard’s got a keen eye for detail.”Michael Arturo, How Ignatious Fumbo became a Rock Star in 2048

Other Testimonials

Thank you so much for your great notes. It’s one of the best coverage I have ever gotten. I do appreciate it. I would like to use your service again in the near future.

Shintaro, The Girls Who Wait for God

I want to thank you for your incredible “Spot-on” review of my script. Every issue you brought to my attention was extremely helpful in pointing out the flaws the writer (myself) may not see until someone else reads the script…I will absolutely call on you again for your services. I appreciate that you explain the flaws and give suggestions on how the fix the issue. I’m not looking for a pat on the back when I pay for a review. I’m more interested in the problems the script may have and how to correct them. You are extremely talented when it comes to showing an alternate view without trying to tell me how “you” would write the script.

Chris Roberts-The Courier

Howard’s notes were fabulous: shrewdly analytical while offering a great mix of creative suggestions. He really works his tail off and, as a writer himself, definitely knows how to communicate with fellow scribes.

Guy Francisco-Granny Land

What I have learned from Howard Casner’s consultation has proven itself to be invaluable.  I truly believe that his skill and honesty has made me a better writer.  Believe me when I say I mean every word of it.  I will be asking for more consultations in the future.

Ferris E. Jones, Published Author and Screenwriter, Last Weekend in L.A.

Howard was the fresh pair of eyes that my script needed. It’s clear that he has a passion for what he does, and gift for it. Thanks to his notes and comments, I find myself re-energized, with a clear understanding of what needs to be done to take my story to the next level.

Keith Gillum, Sweet Warrior

I got some notes from Howard Casner on my unfinished screenplay that helped me reboot the effort. I like what I got but I am (and thus the story) pulled in too many directions. Howard’s notes should help my focus. Now I just have to remember to take it in bits and not be overwhelmed by whole … which wasn’t whole anyway.

Tim Lane, Peanut and Cracker Jack

Howard’s coverage is everything that you would expect from an experienced writer and script reader, and then more. Not content with simply exposing the issues that undermine a story’s potential, his perspicacious feedback is both constructive and challenging, compelling the writer to reassess the quality and content of the script. In one word, professional.

John Hӧrnschemeyer, Baring All

Howard is true to his word, he judges a screenplay on the merits of the story it wants to tell.  I would recommend for anyone who wants to write films that risk going beyond the Hollywood three-act structure.

Bryce Richardson, Zero Bucks a Night

Howard really knows his stuff….he gives valuable and specific suggestions…insightful and constructive. I’m really glad I used his services and I will use them again for my next script. Thanks


Great coverage Howard. Way more than I expected. Thoughtful, intuitive and very detailed. You picked up on nuances I hoped to make, and others I perhaps could have. I am now finally fired up for rewrite. Loved your service. So very worth it.

David Graham, The Wardrobe

Just got my script notes from Howard Casner Script Consultation back for 101 Ways to Survive the End of the World and they are fantastic! Very helpful without being heartbreaking. If you are looking for professional coverage, I can not recommend him enough!

Thanks to Howard’s very helpful notes and rapid turn around, I just optioned my screenplay, 101 Ways to Survive the End of the World!

Tracee Oles Beebe, 101 Ways to Survive the End of the World

I recently sent a script to Howard for coverage and I had a short deadline. He responded with promptness and professionalism. I received the coverage in three days and he was spot with many of his notes. He provided ideas to improve the script all tidied up in an 8 page report. We also spoke by phone for about an hour. Very responsive. I am currently implementing 3 or 4 of those ideas and hope to submit the script in the next couple of days. I will use and recommend Howard for future coverage. Thanks Howard.

Charles Pisaeno, Byer’s Bog

Thank you for your precise and professional notes on my screenplay “Among Thieves.” You’re right: it took a lot of work to get it right but I’m very proud of the results.

Doug Winningham, Among Thieves

I just received feedback from Howard, and I must say, I was thrilled. He is thorough, honest, and insightful, and supplied 8 pages of detailed and valuable notes. Not only does he pinpoint a problem, he gives suggestions as to ways to solve them, and offers a fresh perspective on the work! I will definitely be using Howard again.

Joanne Wannan, Honeymoon in Rome

I’m so glad I found Howard Casner. His feedback for my screenplay was the best I’ve ever received. He shined a light on what worked, but more importantly, on what didn’t. His notes were thorough, pointed, and his vantage point clearly addressed problem areas in my script. Some of which I knew existed, and others that I didn’t see.

It’s apparent he has a wealth of knowledge and a true talent for processing a story, then verbalizing how to elevate it. You get the sense that he truly enjoys providing feedback and isn’t just going through the motions, and that is priceless. After reading his coverage, I was inspired to immediately dive back in for rewrites to see where this story can go. That’s exactly where you want to be after receiving feedback.

With murky waters out there when it comes to getting professional coverage, it’s exciting to know that such a resource is available. I’ll definitely use Howard again and I highly recommend his services to anyone wanting a unique, honest and insightful angle on your project. Thanks Howard!

Adam Franklin, Vandals



  1. Howard’s coverage is everything that you would expect from an experienced writer and script reader, and then more. Not content with simply exposing the issues that undermine a story’s potential, his perspicacious feedback is both constructive and challenging, compelling the writer to reassess the quality and content of the script. In one word, professional.

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  4. OI have a 22 page short. I have had one reviewer say it is shootable and another recommends I increase it to an hour before shooting or marketing. A friend says you give good review, so I would like your take on it. How much to review a 22-page script?

      • Paypal says that if this is a “goods or services” transaction they will charge you a fee. Don’t know if you have to use “goods & services” for business accounting on your end. Should I just put it down as a “friends & family” transaction, or add a couple of bucks to cover the fee they will charge at your end for “goods & services”?


        On Sun, Jul 17, 2016 at 11:05 AM, Howard Casner – Rantings and Ravings wrote:

        > hcasner commented: “Thanks for contacting me. I have a deal of 20 pages > $20.00. Since your short is 22 pages I could do it for $20.00. The easiest > way to get the script to me is through sending a PDF to my e-mail at > The easiest way to pay me is through paypa” >

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