My latest testimonial:
I’m so glad I found Howard Casner. His feedback for my screenplay was the best I’ve ever received. He shined a light on what worked, but more importantly, on what didn’t. His notes were thorough, pointed, and his vantage point clearly addressed problem areas in my script. Some of which I knew existed, and others that I didn’t see.

It’s apparent he has a wealth of knowledge and a true talent for processing a story, then verbalizing how to elevate it. You get the sense that he truly enjoys providing feedback and isn’t just going through the motions, and that is priceless. After reading his coverage, I was inspired to immediately dive back in for rewrites to see where this story can go. That’s exactly where you want to be after receiving feedback.

With murky waters out there when it comes to getting professional coverage, it’s exciting to know that such a resource is available. I’ll definitely use Howard again and I highly recommend his services to anyone wanting a unique, honest and insightful angle on your project. Thanks Howard!
Adam Franklin



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