DEPT. OF SELF AGGRANDIZEMENT: My screenplay The Last Tree Standing Motel makes quarter-finals at PAGE

My screenplay The Last Tree Standing Motel has made the quarter-finalists of the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards.  This makes me one out of six hundred, though it sounds a lot better if I say I made the top 10%, so I’ll say that: I made the top 10%.

Much joy, great tidings in the land and more than heartfelt congratulations to all the other finalists as well as good luck as the next set of finalists is determined.

THE LAST TREE STANDING MOTEL is a self-contained, neo-noir tragi-comedy.  After two hired killers murder someone at a remote motel, they receive a call from their boss telling them they can’t leave the motel until he gives them permission; so they find their lives intermingling with the regulars while they wait and they wait and they…wait.

It’s basically Waiting for Godot meets In Bruges.

For the first ten pages, please go to:

UntitledAlso, don’t forget to check out my book Rantings and Ravings of a Screenplay Reader now published on Amazon.

And also don’t forget, on July 20th, I’m supposed to be on On the Set With Jasper Cole, a radio program on UBN network, about my book Rantings and Ravings….  I’m scheduled to start around 3:30.


So tell me what you think.

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