OSCAR TRIVIA QUIZ-PART ONE-They got nominated for playing that?

imagesTo get the answer key, please go to: http://ow.ly/GWyyO
The Academy Awards are coming up so I just thought I’d have a little fun and try and come up with a few Oscar trivia quizzes. Hopefully, even if they are hard, they will be fun.
The first quiz is about various types of roles that have received nominations, some of them perhaps quite surprising and unusual for such a respected award.
Unfortunately, as much as I tried to put the answers in a box upside down at the bottom of the post, I couldn’t figure out how to do that, so I will be posting the answers in a different post starting the middle of next week.  If anyone knows how to insert a text box with upside (and much smaller text) in a post, please let me know.
Who was nominated for an Oscar and for what movie for:
  1. Playing someone who turns into a monster?
  2. Playing someone who is dead (two answers and I’m not talking about films like Citizen Kane/Sunset Boulevard where the character is essentially alive for the duration of the story)
  3. Playing a vampire?
  4. Playing the devil?
  5. Playing Santa Clause?
  6. Playing a witch?
  7. Playing a medium? (two answers)
  8. Playing an alien?
  9. Playing a fighter in an interplanetary rebellion?
  10. Playing a wizard?
  11. Playing a member of a space crew? (two answers)
  12. Playing a character who can see the dead? (two answers)
  13. Playing a comic book villain? (two answers, two more in a technicality)
  14. Playing a Catholic saint? (four answers)
  15. Playing someone with multiple personality disorder?
  16. Playing someone who can heal people by touching them? (two answers)
  17. Playing someone who lives to be 300 years old?
  18. Playing an amnesiac? (three answers)
  19. Playing a leprechaun?
  20. Playing someone of the opposite sex? (hint: an actress playing a male–not pretending to be a man, but playing a man) (two answers)
  21. Playing a black person passing for white? (two answers)
  22. Playing an entire role in black face? (two answers)
  23. Playing someone possessed by the devil?
  24. Playing a male prostitute?
  25. Playing someone who thinks he’s Christ?
  26. Playing someone with telekinetic powers?
  27. Playing someone whose son is abducted by aliens?
  28. Playing someone caught between life and death?
  29. Playing a horribly disfigured man?
  30. Playing a man pretending to be a woman? (two answers)
  31. Playing a pre-op transsexual? (two answers)
  32. Playing a post-op transsexual?
  33. Playing a character who travels back in time?
  34. Playing someone who becomes an adult overnight?
  35. Playing a character with sleeping sickness?
  36. Playing a character with OCD?
  37. Playing a sex therapist?
  38. Playing a character who enters someone else’s mind?
  39. Playing twins? (two answers)
  40. Playing a pirate?
  41. Playing an abortionist?
  42. Playing a child molester? (three answers?)
  43. Playing a man who grows younger and younger?
  44. Parodying Hitler?
  45. Parodying Mussolini?
  46. Playing the prime minister of England? (Two answers)
  47. Playing a woman pretending to be a man? (four answers)
  48. Playing a mentally slow man who becomes a genius?
  49. Playing a male rape victim? (two answers)
  50. Playing a wild child?

Good luck

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