My recommendations for movie watching this week in L.A. 1/9-1/16, 2015

ON NETFLIX: The Rocking Horse Winner, based on the short story by D.H. Lawrence, a very effective small British drama about the effect of greed on people as the young son of a family discovers the ability to predict the winners of horseraces by riding his hobby horse.


ON HULU: Amen, Costa-Gavras and Jean-Claude Grumberg’s adaption of the great play The Deputy by Rolf Hochhuth. During the second world war, an SS Officer joins with a priest to try to convince Pope Pius XII to speak out against the annihilation of the Jews by Germany.


FIRST RUN and OPENING: The Imitation Game, Mr. Turner, Nightcrawler, Force Majeure, Citizenfour, The Interview, Leviathan, Whiplash, Predestination, Beloved Sisters and Song of the Sea



AMERICAN CINEMATEQUE at THE EGYPTIAN: Gloria, Minnie and Moskowitz, 1/9; Pierre le Fou, Contempt, 1/10; A Woman Under the Influence, 1/11; Gone in Sixty Second, Speedtrap, 1/22; Duel, The Car, 1/23

AMERICAN CINEMATEQUE at THE AERO: Force Majeure, 1/9; Band of Outsiders, Weekend, 1/11; Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, 1/15; The Graduate, Catch 22, 1/16

NEW BEVERLY: Annie Hall, Purple Rose of Cairo, 1/9-10; Million Dollar Legs, International House, 1/11-12; Strangers on a Train, Saboteur, 1/16-17

CINEFAMILY at the SILENT MOVIE THEATER: Force Majeure, 1/9-14; A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, 1/9, 12-13

UCLA ARCHIVES at the HAMMER MUSEUM: Cleopatra (1934), The Sign of the Cross, 1/9; Street of Shame, Ugetsu, 1/16

LACMA: Grand Hotel, 1/6; Midnight Cowboy, Cisco Pike, 1/9; Mary Poppins, 1/10; Fahrenheit 451, 1/10; Queen Christina, 1/13; Klute, Network, 1/16


So tell me what you think.

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