I have an addition thought to share on the non Oscar nominations for the movie Selma.  I think many people are sort of missing the really important issue that this situation demonstrates. No one seems to be mentioning that this year, to get diversity into the Oscars, it all depended on one film and one film only. No other films with black actors or subject matter that revolved around people of color were in any way close to being considered for possible inclusion here. Selma didn’t get nominations for a number of reasons, not just because it was niche subject matter and made by artists of color (other reasons include the lackluster campaign and the not getting out screeners and opening late, etc.). But there is also a lack of diversity in the Oscars this year because we are dependent on getting diversity only through one or two films a year. The problem isn’t necessarily that Selma didn’t get the nominations, but that there was only one Selma this year and until we have a larger number of “Selmas” in a year, we may never ultimately resolve the diversity issue in film and awards.


So tell me what you think.

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