My recommendations for movie watching this week in L.A. 3/27/2015-4/3/2015

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My recommendations for movie watching this week in L.A. 3/27-4/3/2015

charlieON NETFLIX: Charlie, Victor, Romeo takes a group of actors who basically act out the black box flight recordings of various airplane disasters. Yeah, it’s one of the oddest bases for a film you’ll come across. Even odder, it’s based on a stage play. It’s also very effective and incredibly riveting. It’s in 3D, though that doesn’t seem to add anything to it.

devilON HULU: The Devil and Daniel Webster is a 1941 adaptation of the old story about a farmer selling his soul to the devil and when the soul comes due, the farmer is defended by the great title role statesman. Wonderfully shot, a smart screenplay by Dan Totheroh and Stephen Vincent Benet based on Benet’s short story, a great Oscar nominated performance by Walter Huston as Scratch, directed by William Dieterle, and music by the greatest of the great, Bernard Hermann.

wild tales oneFIRST RUN and OPENING: ’71, Wild Tales, While We’re Young, Wolf at the Door, Backcountry, Man From Reno, Jauja, Danny Collins, Going Clear, Run All Night, What We Do In the Shadows, It Follows, Goodbye to Language, Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem,


AMERICAN CINEMATEQUE at The Egyptian: TCM Classic Film Festival starts 3/26

AMERICAN CINEMATEQUE at The Aero: Heavy Traffic, American Pop, 3/27; La Strada, Lust for Life, 4/3

NEW BEVERLY: Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, 3/27-28; Heat, 3/29-30; Red Rock West, Run, Lola, Run, 4/1-2; Boogie Nights, Trainspotting, 4/3-4

LACMA: Jules and Jim, 3/31

CINEFAMILY at the Silent Movie Theater: The Tales of Hoffman, 3/27-4/2

UCLA ARCHIVES at the Hammer Museum: The Long Voyage Home, 3/30

So tell me what you think.

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