My recommendations for movie watching this week in L.A. 4/17/2015-4/24/2015

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My recommendations for movie watching this week in L.A. 4/17-4/24/2015
united 93ON NETFLIX: United 93, my favorite film of 2006. Written and directed by one of the finest filmmakers working today, Paul Greengrass, it’s the story of how the passengers on United Flight 93 tried to stop their hijackers on 9/11. Not an easy movie to sit through due to the intense subject matter, it’s a powerful and emotional film.
earringsON HULU: The Earrings of Madame de, directed by Max Ophuls, is one of the great romantic dramas of all times. When the wife of a general secretly sells a pair of earrings her husband gave her and lies about it, it sets off a series of events that leads to tragedy.

colcoaSPECIAL NOTE: COL-COA, the French film festival, and one of the best and most inexpensive festivals in L.A., runs from April 20-28 at the Director’s Guild. Starting on Wed., the 22nd, every morning will have a free movie selected from the previous night. Also, each morning, free coffee and croissants are served. Early afternoon is a classic and then the regular programming for the night, to be followed the next morning again, with a free showing of a movie that played the previous night. This year, also, there will be an added emphasis on French TV, all of which seems to be free. And the week after, the last two days of the festival, award winners and other free reshowings will take place. This is a must attend event as far as I’m concerned.

ex machinaFIRST RUN and OPENING: Furious 7, Ex Machina, It Follows, Unfriended, Welcome to New York, Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem, Futuro Beach, White God, Wild Tales, Alex of Venice, Clouds of Sils Maria, While We’re Young


AMERICAN CINEMATEQUE at The Egyptian: The Last Starfighter, 4/23; Alien, Aliens, 4/24.

AMERICAN CINEMATEQUE at The Aero: Salute to Leonard Nimoy with 1978’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers and two Outer Limits episodes, 4/17 and other films on 4/18 and 4/19; Bus Stop, Baby, the Rain Must Fall, 4/23; Sunset Boulevard, Ace in the Hole, 4/24

The CINEFAMILY at the Silent Movie Theater: Hard to be a God, 4/17 and 4/19; Simple Men, 4/18

NEW BEVERLY: Army of Darkness, Darkman, 4/17-18; Living in Oblivion, 4/19-20; Scream, Scream 2, 4/24

UCLA ARCHIVES at the Hammer Museum: The Public Enemy, Night Nurse, 4/17; Heroes for Sale, Midnight Mary, 4/19

So tell me what you think.

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