My recommendations for movie watching this week in L.A. 7/17-7/24/2015

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My recommendations for movie watching this week in L.A. 7/17-24/2015
warriorsON NETFLIX: The Warriors, by writers David Shaber and Walter Hill (who also directed), was a controversial action film about a gang that gets caught in the wrong part of town and has to find their way home through a series of other gangs who want them dead. Though the acting and line reading tends to be a bit flat (the lead is Michael Beck, after all), it’s a very exciting and visceral experience. The book, by Sol Yurick, was inspired by Xenophon’s Anabasis. Yurick wrote it as an answer to West Side Story. Famous line: “Warriors, come out and play-ay”. See it on a double feature as I did with the original Assault on Precinct 13.
alice in the citiesON HULU: Alice in the Cities is one of those adults saddled with a kid movie that is very popular in Europe. But it’s also one of the best. In writer/director Wim Wenders’ early feature, a German photographer is asked to watch the little girl of a German mother at an airport, but the mother deserts her child and the photographer takes the little girl to Europe. They end up on the road looking for the child’s grandmother.   A lovely film.
minionsFIRST RUN and OPENING: Irrational Man; Alleluia; Mr. Holmes; The Stanford Prison Experiment; Ant-Man; Trainwreck; Cartel Land; Jimmy’s Hall; An Open Secret; Boulevard; Lila & Eve; Minions; Amy; Tangerine; Dope; A Borrowed Identity; Inside Out; What Happened, Ms. Simone?; Spy; Love & Mercy; Infinitely Polar Bear; Me and Earl and the Dying Girl; Testament of Youth




AMERICAN CINEMATEQUE at The Egyptian: The Egyptian starts a weekend salute to Jacques Tati starting with M. Hulot’s Holiday and The Big Day on 7/17; Mon Oncle, Traffic, 7/18; Playtime, The Illusionist, 7/19; Se7en, Panic Room, 7/23; Suburbia, The Decline of Western Civilization, Part III, 7/24


AMERICAN CINEMATEQUE at The Aero: Easy Rider, Zabriskie Point, 7/17; Let Us Live, The Locket, 7/18; Hangover Square, The Lodger, 7/19; A Clockwork Orange, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, 7/23; American Graffiti, The Conversation, 7/24


CINEFAMILY at the Silent Movie Theater: A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence


NEW BEVERLY: The Birds, Jaws, 7/17-18


LACMA: The Music Man, 7/21


UCLA ARCHIVES at the Hammer Museum: Street Angel, Lilliom, 7/17; starting 7/18: independent black filmmakers in New York from 1968-86


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