My recommendations for film watching this week in L.A. 12/4-12/11/15

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My recommendations for movie watching this week in L.A. 11/27-12/4/15

from here to eternityON NETFLIX: Adapted by Daniel Taradesh from James Jones’ novel and directed by Fred Zinneman, From Here to Eternity was one of the new adult movies (even though it was watered down from the book) that Hollywood started making in response to the new freedom in foreign films and an audience that was looking for more grit in their films after going through World War II. It follows various characters around a naval base in Hawaii in the days leading up to Pearl Harbor, especially the story of a private (Montgomery Clift) who refuses join the boxing team and is persecuted for it. And all start cast including Burt Lancaster, Deborah Kerr, Ernest Borgnine, Donna Reed (as a bar hostess because she couldn’t be a prostitute), and Frank Sinatra (in the role that supposedly a horse’s head got for him). It showed all these actors in a new light and won Oscars for Sinatra and Reed. Thirteen Oscar nominations (including five for acting) and the winner of eight.

betty blueON HULU: Betty Blue is Jean-Jacques Beineix’s follow up to his breathtaking film debut Diva, coming after the incredibly disappointing misstep of Moon in the Gutter. A study of two young people in love, often sexually frank. Zorg is a handyman who one day finds Betty, a wild and free spirit. But as their relationship goes on, Betty spirals more and more out of control as her mental state becomes more and more unstable; can Zorg’s love for her save her and their relationship. From a novel by Philippe Djian.

chi raqFIRST RUN and OPENING: Chi-Raq, Janis: Little Girl Blues, Night Owls, Theeb, Hitchcock/Truffaut, Youth, Creed, The Good Dinosaur, Brooklyn, Carol, James White, Legend, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part 2, Room, Spotlight, Trumbo




AMERICAN CINEMATEQUE at The Egyptian: Goodfellas, 12/5; The Wild Bunch, 12/6; On the Town, 12/10; The Manchurian Candidate, The Man With the Golden Arm, 12/11


AMERICAN CINEMATEQUE at The Aero: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Crime and Misdemeanors, 12/4; Where to Invade Next, Roger and Me, 12/5; Misery, The Silence of the Lambs, 12/10; The Last of the Mohicans, The Age of Innocence, 12/11


LACMA: Birth of the Blues, 12/8


NEW BEVERLY: Car Wash, Thank God It’s Friday, 12/4-5; Crimson Peak, Brides of Dracula, 12/11-14


UCLA ARCHIVES at the Hammer Museum: Tillie’s Punctured Roman, Safety Last, 12/5; Wanda, Shadows 12/6


CINEFAMILY at the Silent Movie Theater: Chocolat, 12/4-6

So tell me what you think.

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