My recommendations for film watching this week in L.A. 4/29-5/6/2016

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My recommendations for movie watching this week in L.A. 4/29-5/6/2016
ff 1ON NETFLIX:  Look Who’s Back is very difficult to describe.  With screenplay by Marco Kreauzpaintner and Johannes Boss and direction by David Wnendt, its basic premise is that Hitler has somehow materialized in modern day Germany.  A TV journalist, trying to get his job back, finds him and promotes him as a kind of joke, not realizing he’s the real thing.  As a result, Hitler becomes a huge TV star.  Part scripted, part Borat, it’s a rather vicious look at modern German attitudes, suggesting that Hitler would not be so out of place in today’s world.
ff 2ON HULU:  As written by Yevgeni Zamyatin, Jacques Companees, Charles Spaak and the director Jean Renoir, Maxim Gorky’s Russian play about the lowest of the low, The Lower Depths, gets a definite Gallic spin, part film noir, part existential romanticism, and not as downbeat as the original source.  It’s not as good as Akira Kurosawa’s adaptation, which is closer to the source material.  But it has its moments, especially in Louis Jouvet as a Baron who loses everything, but accepts it all as his destiny.  
ff 5Of Special Note: The TCM Film Festival begins 4/28/16
ff 3Of Special Note: Prince’s Purple Rain will be showing at various locations in the city
ff 4FIRST RUN and OPENING:  Viva, Keanu, Barbershop: The Next Cut, The Invitation, Green Room, The Meddler, Sworn Virgin, Sing Street, Dough, Hockney




AMERICAN CINEMATEQUE at the Egyptian: The TCM film festival (see above).


AMERICAN CINEMATEQUE at The Aero: The Dirty Dozen, Earthquake, 4/29; The Naked Gun trilogy, 4/30; The Big Heat, Gilda, 5/1; Love & Friendship, The Last Days of Disco, 5/4; Chimes at Midnight, F is for Fake, 5/6


LACMA:  Red River, 5/3


CINEFAMILY at the Silent Movie Theater: Band of Outsiders, 4/5-6


UCLA ARCHIVES at the Hammer Museum:  The Hard Way, What Price Hollywood, 4/29

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