One sign that you are watching a foreign film is that during a sex scene, you will see an erect penis. I saw two foreign films this last week, The Secret in Their Eyes (Argentina) and Alle Anderen (Everybody Else, Germany), both of which had no issue with showing a male member in all it’s glory, so to speak. In the U.S., prudity still rules. The same week I saw Happiness Runs, which was about the children of hippies. For a movie that was suppose to be about a group of people who preach free love, the sex and nudity was very circumspect. And when frontal male nudity does make it into American films, the media makes such a big deal out of it like it’s the second coming (the ridiculous stories on Jason Segal baring all for Forgetting Sarah Marshall immediately leap to mind). What is it about foreign cultures that allows their artists to look at sex from a more casual perspective while in America we still come across as terrified of it?