Just a weekly catching up of what’s going on in my life.
I received positive comments back on my script for Here! Networks/Regent Entertainment. Any further notes are waiting until there is a production imminent. As everybody in the industry knows, getting a production can never be counted on until the movie is in the can (and even then, one sometimes wonders), so there is still no guarantee the film will be made. So wish me luck and keep sending out those Richard Gere positive karmic thoughts.
I just completed a workshop wherein I did revisions on my sci-fi film Revelation and I am pleased with the results.
Two theaters in England expressed interest in taking a closer look at some of my plays. One said they were going to have an in-house reading (just among the members, no audience) of Queen Christina Goes Roman. Again, keep those Richard Gere thoughts going.
I am starting up reading again for the Slamdance teleplay competition. Last year, I had to not participate due to too many conflicts. I am always looking for private consultation gigs, so if anybody knows of anyone, please pass my name and blogsite on to them.
I’m debating whether to take the long bus ride to go to the Nuart to see Moscow/Belgium or take the lazy way out and see the International today. Tomorrow night I may go to the LACMA for the Germany Divided movies of Escape from East Berlin and Funeral in Berlin.
Oscars Sunday. My guesses, Slumdog Millionaire (Ron Blagojovich has a new nickname: Slumdog Million Hair) for picture, director and adapted screenplay. Sean Penn, Kate Winslet, Heath Ledger, Penelope Cruz acting; and Milk best original screenplay.
Talk to everyone later.

Log Lines of Full Length Plays

CLO. (1 central M, 2 central F, various supporting depending on double and triple casting). A teacher new to Chicago slowly discovers that the plots of the books she is teaching in her accelerated English class are happening to the inhabitants of her condo complex. At first, when her upstairs neighbor claims that her children were kidnapped only for the police to discover that she murdered them because her husband was divorcing her and her new boyfriend wanted nothing to do with them, Clo only notes a passing coincidence to the fact that she is teaching Medea at the time. But when events, both sad and funny, start mirroring Hamlet, A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream, Adam Bede and Oliver Twist, she no longer is sure what to think. Then when two woman are murdered under circumstances similar to Crime and Punishment, she decides to quit teaching her latest novel, Anna Karenina, only to discover that her solution might be worse than what came before.

ENDLESS NIGHT/SWEET DELIGHT. (4M, 1F). EN/SW is a ghost, though not a horror, story. Oran, an up and coming folk singer, retreats to some friends farm to recover from the death of his lover and to decide upon his future, though this decision has more serious ramifications that his friends realize. At first he only hears about the legend of Shad, a young man whose lover died during the great flu epidemic of WWI, but then he meets Shad and finds his life, and Shad’s death, taking unexpected turns.

FORESTS OF THE NIGHT: A Sexual Odyssey. (1 central M with several supporting roles to be double and triple cast). When Uli’s best friend dies, he tells friends he is “going away” for awhile. But the way Uli defines going away is different from what most people mean by that term. A challenging piece of theater, this play is extremely frank and includes several sexual encounters.

THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS. (9M). A group of gay Catholics must come to terms with the sudden and mysterious death of one of their group.

QUEEN CHRISTINA GOES ROMAN. (5M, 2F) An historical drama…(NOT!), this plays begins as a burlesque of Queen Christina’s abdication from the throne of Sweden and her conversion to Catholicism, though it takes a very serious turn by the end. The central characters also include Pope Julius II, Edward II, Roy Cohn and Peter Tchaikovsky, all alive at the same time. There exist all the modern conveniences such as movies and planes, but Galileo has just renounced his theory that the earth is round and Boccaccio has just published The Decameron.

SOME ENCHANTED EVENING. (9M). What would you do to gain the person you love/lust after? Would you change the way you dress? Your hair? Would you take on a different personality? Two different personalities? The central character, William Faydor, asks that and more of three unsuspecting men as he leads them on a merry chase after each other that culminates in a game of “Ill Met By Moonlight”.

WINTER OF DISCONTENT. (3 central M, 1 central F, several supporting roles). Billie, a woman made highly introspective by a mishap during a fire at a Catholic school that left half of her face paralyzed, owns a bookstore in Chicago. What is it that Dick, an extremely charismatic and attractive young man who chances into her store one evening, wants from her?


My plays have been seen in Chicago, New York and L.A. My most recent L.A. production was for Queen Christina Goes Roman in 2008, and in 2002 I received a GLAAD nomination for best L.A. production for my play A Cold Coming We Had of It as well as rave reviews for an evening of one acts Halsted Street, Chicago: A Few Tales From Boystown.