POP ART: Episode 58, Train to Busan/North West Passage (aka Flame Over India)

Join me and filmmaker Andrew Johnson-Schmit, co-writer and co-director of the upcoming horror film Witch Child, as we discuss Train to Busan and North West Passage (aka Flame Over India).

TRAINING DAY: “Why is your ringtone so tacky?” Don’t you hate when this happens? You get on a train. It’s going to be a normal day. Then suddenly you find yourself assailed on all sides by zombies or warring tribesmen. It’s just so annoying. Sounds like it’s time for Episode 58 of Pop Art, the podcast where my guest chooses a movie from popular culture, and I’ll select a film from the more art/classic/indie side of cinema with a connection to it. Today, I am happy to welcome as my guest writer/director/producer/podcaster Andrew Johnson-Schmit, who has chosen as his film the action packed South Korean new wave zombie flick, Train to Busan, while I have chosen the1950s action flick taking place during the Raj in India, North West Frontier, aka Flame over India, both about people on a train trying to get from point A to point B through territory filled with throngs trying to kill them.

And in this episode we answer such questions as: What countries are making the most interesting movies in the world and why? How long does it usually take to go from Seoul to Busan? What is the connection between North West Frontier and Stagecoach? What is it about train films? What is it about Zombie films? Where does the Suez Crisis fit in?

Be on the look out for Andrew’s new horror movie, now in post-production, called Witch Child.

And while waiting on that, check out Andrew’s IMDB page at https://www.imdb.com/name/nm5850732/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0

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