UntitledThe big news is that my screenplay The Last Tree Standing Motel has made the semi-finals, or top 1% of entries, or the top 30 drama screenplays at the Austin Film Festival screenplay competition. I’m making plans to attend the festival at the end of October.

In addition, The Last Tree Standing Motel was also selected by the Glendale International Film Festival competition (I’m not sure how to categorize this, but since I’m eligible to be selected for portions of the screenplay to be staged read; invited to the awards ceremony; and can attend the festival for free, this may equate to finals).

I would now like to make a request: The Last Tree Standing Motel has done well in five contests as of now: It is a finalist in the London Screenplay Competition; a semi-finalist in the All Access Screenplay Competition; so far, semi-finalist in the Page Screenplay Competition; selected by the GIFF competition; and now, so far, a semi-finalist and top 1% of Austin.

I need a favor (of course). I’m looking for representation (either manager or agent). If you have anyone you can recommend me to, or if there is anyone you can ask whether they are looking for new clients (often the best way to go), I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I’m looking for directors, producers, actors, etc. to forward the screenplay to.

Anything you can do or any ideas or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated

LOGLINE: The Last Tree Standing Motel: After two hired killers murder someone at a remote motel, they receive a call from their boss telling them they can’t leave the motel until he gives them permission; so they find their lives intermingling with the regulars while they wait and they wait and they…wait, trying to make sense of something that makes less and less sense as time goes by.

A self-contained, neo-noir, tragicomedy. Waiting for Godot meets In Bruges.