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barton finkThis is a somewhat pretentious essay about what I think screenwriters should be doing to further their careers now based on my observations of the state of the art these days.
I decided to put pen to paper, or keyboard to word processor, because over the last ten years or so, I have noticed changes in the way screenwriters seem to be making their start and getting ahead. And because of this, I think that the old suggestions of how a screenwriter can make a living of any sort at their craft may need to change, or at least be tweaked to some degree.


And there are times when I engage in social media that makes me think that many aspiring writers believe that the way screenplays are bought, sold and get made is based on a model that was in place twenty years ago or more. I’m exaggerating, but I’ll sometimes read a post that makes me think that Joe Eszterhas is still the role model of choice in 2015.
This essay is an attempt to try to guide writers into this brave new world that hath such people in them.
Now, before I get into the devil of the details, I do want to say, as I said at the beginning of the essay, that this is a somewhat pretentious thing for me to do. I have not had a movie made from one of my screenplays (though that may change in the near future if a film I wrote, The Compass, is finished and finds a way to be released). Continue reading