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When the film Logan opened, I told all my friends I didn’t want any shit anymore about how depressing Manchester by the Sea is.
But that was just the beginning. It seems the world of comic book as escapist fare in film may be seeing its dying days as the genre seems to be getting darker and darker and ideas of right and wrong seem to be getting more and more ambiguous.
In many ways this began perhaps with The Dark Knight Rises, which is not your mother’s Batman or a generation’s raised on the over the top camp (if that’s not redundant) of the Adam West TV take on Gotham’s guardian.
But as of late, we’ve had Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in which a group of people, almost all of whom die at the end, use morally ambiguous means to prop up a Menachian religion. And then the emotionally devastating Logan in which a group of people, almost all of whom die, don’t worry about morality as they fight off a great evil. Continue reading