THEY’RE EITHER TOO YOUNG OR TOO OLD: I’ll See You In My Dreams and Inside Out

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ill see you my dreams 1I’m not really sure what to say about the new independent movie I’ll See You In My Dreams, written by Marc Basch and Brett Haley and directed by Haley, except that it is quite a lovely, little film filled with acute observations about life as one enters one’s golden years.
Is that enough for a film these days? I don’t know. But in this particular case, I found it more than ample.
The movie is basically a character study of one Carol Peterson (Blythe Danner). In her young life she was a singer (she has one of the best explanations for why she is one no longer: “One day I was in a band and one day I wasn’t”). She got married and became a teacher, had a daughter, and then her husband died, allowing her to retire on more than comfortable means. Continue reading