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This was not the best of times for movies, but possibly not the worst. Even AFI this year, one of my last resort sources for my end of year list, only provided one addition: the hysterical dark comedy, Pig. After a rather lackluster first half, wondering if there was going to be any films to join The Death of Stalin and First Reformed on my top ten, I finally started seeing hope on the horizon and slowly, but don’t call me Shirley, managed to cobble together a worthy set of cinema. Enjoy.


The Death of Stalin
The remainder in alphabetical order
22 July
Favourite, The
First Reformed
Guilty, The
Mary Poppins Returns
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse Continue reading

MOMMIES DEAREST: Mia Madre and The Light Between Oceans

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rev-3In many ways, Margherita is having a year of Job.
Her mother is dying and she and her brother spend much of their time with their parent in the hospital. She’s directing a socially conscience film that is not going well; it seems fake and she’s not sure she can make the project work, and small things keep going wrong. She has recently broken up with her latest lover because she can’t leave her work at home. She is having trouble relating to her daughter. And she is having difficulty getting a performance from the American actor flown in for the lead of the film (he has a condition that makes it difficult for him to remember lines, made worse in that they are in Italian).
The film, Mia Madre, is co-written by the director Nanni Moretti (along with Valia Santelli and Francesco Piccolo) and is inspired by the time in his life when his mother was dying while he was filming We Have a Pope. Continue reading