Also just got back from seeing Haywire, one of those agents betrayed by the big guys movie. Director Steven Soderberg is no Paul Greengrass, but he gets the motor running and does some nice things here and there. The story is a bit untidy and no one can get any serious emotional resonance going among the characters. But the real reason to see the movie is Gina Carano who seems to be as much at ease in acting as she is with martial arts. She may actually put Diana Rigg’s Emma Peel a bit to shame.


  1. Bit late to comment, but Haywire was only shown briefly in cinemas in the Netherlands so I had to wait for the Bluray release. I had the same association between Diana Rigg's Emma Peel and Gina Carano's character. Also the atmosphere of Haywire reminded me of the Avengers on several moments. For example the scene where Gina Carano goes checking out the barn and finds the body gave me a stronge sense of deja vu. I wondered if this was intentional and if Soderberg had the Avengers somewere in the back of his mind. So I started to google and found your blog. Not an answer to my question, but still proof that my idea – albeit not unique – was not completely crazy.

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