My recommendations for film watching this week in L.A. 11/13-11/20/15

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My recommendations for movie watching this week in L.A. 11/13-20/16
allenON NETFLIX: Woody Allen: A Documentary is an engrossing and exciting study written and directed by Richard B. Weide, who also produced Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s one the finest of the documentaries made for the PBS’ series American Masters.
MON HULU: Based on a real person, M, written by Thea von Harbou and Fritz Lang, who also directed, is a powerful and often frightening film about a child molester/murderer. Starring Peter Lorre in one of his greatest performances.
33FIRST RUN and OPENING: The 33, By The Sea, Miss You Already, Room, Spectre, The Peanuts Movie, Brooklyn, Spotlight, Trumbo, The Martian




AMERICAN CINEMATEQUE at The Egyptian: The Brand New Testament (Belgium’s official entry in the Oscar race) 11/16; The Clan (Argentine’s official entry in the Oscar race), 11/20


AMERICAN CINEMATEQUE at The Aero: Cinema Italian Style, 11/13-16; The Fencer (Finland’s official entry in the Oscar race), 11/18; Johnny Got His Gun, Lonely Are the Brave, 11/19;


LACMA: The Glass Key, 11/17


NEW BEVERLY: Mikey and Nicky, Machine Gun McCain, 11/11-12; Ten Little Indians, Murder By Death, 11/14; Funny Girl, 11/15-16; Thief, Manhunter, 11/20-21


UCLA ARCHIVES at the Hammer Museum: The Barefoot Contessa, Letter From an Unknown Woman, 11/16


CINEFAMILY at the Silent Movie Theater: Goodnight Mommy, 11/16





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