Pop Art, where we find the pop culture in art and the art in pop culture, lists its top ten most popular episodes. How many have you seen?

Episode 38, Go/71 Fragments of a Chronicle of Chance with film enthusiast and podcaster of Cinemarecall, The Vern

Episode 18, The Karate Kid/Let the Right One In, with film enthusiast and podcaster of the Forgotten Film Podcast, Todd Liebenow

Episode 1, Raiders of the Lost Arc/The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, with filmmaker and podcaster of  the Blue Beetle and The Real Short Box, Donald McKinney, III

Episode 25, The Running Man/The Most Dangerous Game, with writer and film critic, influencer and book reviewer, Hermione Flavia

Episode 8, Star Wars/The Hidden Fortress, with screenwriter, script consultant, blogger and podcaster, Paul Zeidman

Episode 19, Finding Nemo/The Searchers, with blogger and film reviewer Drew of Drew’s Movie Reviews

Episode 74, Warm Bodies/I Walked With a Zombie, with film enthusiast and movie blogger Rishabh Vashishtha

Episode 16, Galaxy Quest/The Seven Samurai, with filmmaker Anna Remus

Episode 76, The Shining/The Innkeepers, with podcaster and film enthusiast, Nick Rehak of French Toast Sunday

Episode 25, Hell or High Water/Bonnie and Clyde, with film enthusiast, writer and blogger Kira Comerford

And after listening to them, check out the other episodes and help them move up the list.

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So tell me what you think.

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